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We are a small team of professionals in the area of amongst others IT, IT security, electronics, cycling and automotive technology. We wanted to share our knowledge also to learn ourselves more about these fields. A question makes you discover more about areas of your expertise. Please send us your question and we will try to answer as quickly as possible. When you are happy with the answer we would appreciate a € 10 donation but any amount you think the advise is worth is good. If you would like some priority please make a small donation upfront and enter your question in the PayPal comment field.





Frequently asked questions

Why this website? We would like to share our knowledge at a affordable price without us to hire an office and spend on marketing and sales. This low profile way of answering questions is something we do besides our daily jobs.

What can I ask? Everything, we mentioned our expertise in the different technogoly and transport areas. If you have another question please send us a message, maybe we happen to know what the best way is to breed chicken or grow flowers.

Can I join? Yes please, send us an email with your expertise and when needed we will forward you questions and a fair share of the donation!

How much do I need to donate? We hope you at least give us a proportion of what the advise is worth to you. If we advise you to not change your car for a new one and it saves you more than a € 1000 a year for the next few years, please give a bit more than when we tell you where to buy an iPhone 7 for €250.